Off The Market Ladies: Tyrese Married The Love Of His Life In Secret!

There comes a time in every man’s life where he’s tired of waking up to someone new, feeling incomplete as if he’s a half of man. Actor/movie superstar Tyrese Gibson decided enough was enough and married the love of his life on Valentines Day according to credible reports. Though the name of his wife isn’t revealed it doesn’t matter what her name is as long as it spells L O V E.

Wasting no time after marriage, Tyrese is taking his wife to Egypt enjoy the incredible ancient sights of the pyramids. In a Facebook post, “The Fast and Furious” Actor posted this below.

#EgyptHereiCome The curious little black boy from Watts has always been in love with the pyramid’s of Egypt it’s been a lifetime dream of mines to put my eyes on something to this day that MAN and scientist can’t explain….. I look forward to meeting the people of Egypt and ruling families and royals I’m running to you with hopes of learning more about the culture and tribes and history #HoneymoonLevels #LifetimeDinnerDateForTwo #TheGibson

Huge congrats to the Gibsons on their marriage, prosperity, and journey through love / spiritual enlightenment.

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