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Kendrick Lamar “The Heart Part 4” (Audio)

T.D.E. MC Kendrick Lamar surprised fans last night with “The Heart Part 4” in which he’s calling out somebody who obviously rubbed him wrong. Who he’s taking shots at? We don’t know, but he gave his sub-target until April 7th to get their sh*t tight. The Compton, C.A. rapper had Hip Hop fans in a frenzy by posting album cover art with the Roman Numeral IV on it. Many believed it to be Kendrick’s 4th EP coming soon but he hasn’t confirmed it.

“My Fans can’t wait for me to son your punk a**, and crush your whole lil sh*t, I’ll Big Pun your punk a** you’re a scared lil B*tch. Tip-toeing around my name N***a you lame And when I get at you homie don’t you tell me you just playing ‘Oh I was just playing K.Dot you know a n***a ride with you bro. Shut the F*ck up you sound like the last n*gga I’ve known”

Keep in mind there’s been a lot of rappers coming at Kendrick Lamar ever since he dropped his verse on Big Sean’s “Control” single, but he never responded and if he did it was all Subs.

Stream and purchase Kendrick’s brand new single below, and let us know what you think. Note: The YouTube video below may be removed soon, just giving you guys a heads up.

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