Exclusive: Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Comedy Review (Video)

A lot of people hit us up and said “Yo, how come y’all didn’t touch on Dave Chappelle’s Netflix comedy special yet”? Well, we like to take our time with things and is not conformed to the timing of everybody else’s. That being said, man Dave Chappelle’s Netflix comedy special was funnier than a Mother [Explitive] man…lol We’re not just saying this because Dave is a comedic icon, but his jokes are so clever and make you chuckle loud while everybody is sleeping, you have to give natural talent credit where it’s due.

Dave touched on a lot of sh*t that happened within the last 10 years and if you didn’t watch it on Netflix yet, we highly recommend you either subscribe to Netflix to see it or if you already have it go and watch it with your buddies or lover if you have one.

Warning Though: If you’re easily offended by raw humor/comedy this is not the special for you because he cleverly dropped bombs on a lot of topics but managed to keep his audience even-killed. Check out a snippet of that special below, and don’t say we didn’t warn to go and watch it before Netflix takes it down and it goes straight to DVD.

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