Danny Garcia Comes Up Short In A Split Decision To Keith Thurman!

Welterweight undefeated champions Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia was nothing short of fireworks for 12 straight rounds. Critics chimed in to say that this fight between the two was boring but we’d have to totally disagree with them based off what we saw last night. Danny Garcia, a promising boxer star with 33 wins with 19 of those W’s coming by way of KO’s. Two notable wins of Danny’s 33 W’s were controversial to many including us but after what we saw from Danny in later rounds against Thurman it makes it pretty clear to see why judges ruled in his favor.

Kieth Thurman shocked Danny in the first round with a vicious right/left hook that had 16,553 people in attendance nearly standing to their feet in Barclay’s arena. Thurman shows Garcia his power early in the first couple of rounds and it ultimately leads to him winning the fight.

However, we had Danny making the fight interesting in the 4th, 5th, and 6th rounds, and you can arguably make the case for two key rounds we thought made the fight pretty close. Clearly, both fighters had a lot to prove with a lot on the line but there can only be one winner.

Keith Thurman goes on to become the undefeated WBC, WBA unified welterweight champion over shocked-faced Danny Garcia in a split decision. Here’s why Danny shouldn’t be too surprised at judges ruling in favor of Thurman. When you’re fighting the caliber of fighter in Keith Thurman you have to come out with all the stuff early. In 5 fights we’ve seen from Danny, it’s almost like he waits too late to get off the good stuff, and he’s lucky to be at 33-1 right now instead of 31-2.

If we’re Danny Garcia’s trainers, we’d tell Danny to let his hands go early in rounds oppose to coming alive after he’s been tested half way through the fight. We observed Danny getting into a better rhythm in late rounds but by then it was a little too late if he couldn’t get the knockout.

Who’s up next for Thurman and Garcia? A rematch between Danny and Lamont Peterson would make perfect sense. Keith Thurman, on the other hand.. would be wise not to take up a rematch against Danny because now Danny knows his punching power/ schemes. Errol Spence would give Keith a run for his money after his match with Kell Brooks.

Overall, as we said in the beginning of this article, both fighters gave the fans PPV worthy visuals, and it was one hell of a fight. Let us know who think Keith and Garcia should face in the future below.

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