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Are Hip Hop Fans Worldwide Reacting To B.O.B AKA (Bars Over Bullsh*t)?

After a few diss records that went out this past week, and even today, are Hip Hop fans worldwide reacting B.O.B. AKA (Bars Over Bullsh**)? The reason we asked this because it seems like every media outlet is posting articles on Remy Ma Vs Nicki Minaj beef, and they have the right to when two big names in Hip Hop clash for the sport of the culture. Reactions we’ve observed from Hip Hop fans is that of the 90’s when Hip Hop greats like 2pac Shakur, Jay Z, Nas, Biggie Smalls, LL Cool J was spitting back and forth.

There’s definitely a different feeling in the atmosphere of Hip Hop right now, and we think it’s a positive sign of Hip Hop progressing in a direction it steered off for some time now. We’re not discrediting or singling any new artist out they may not be up to a standard such as Kendrick, Wale Or J Cole standard, but radio has been very biased as to what the people hear and lyrical artist are pushing a huge button to get it back balanced the way it once was.

Here’s what we’d like to know though: Are you a fan of non-lyrical Hip Hop OR Bars over bullsh**? We got a poll for you to decide on without you leaving a comment. Thank you for your participation.

Do You Prefer Non-Lyrical Hip Hop, Or Bars Over Bullsh*t?

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